Sunday, June 16, 2013


"KEY" BLOG of the Day

~ Written & Copyrighted by Coach Brian J. Zahn - PCLC


                (Me with my Dad - 1969)

It's true that a Mother's road is much different than a Fathers, Dads or Papas.  After all he doesn't have to hold a living thing in his body for 9 months or even go through the pain of child birth.  He also doesn't have the same sixth sense of knowing when there’s something not right, the same amazing way she innately does or even feel as close emotionally like she can.  So just what is a “TRUE” Father, Dad or Papa?   He’s the person who plays an intricate part in his child’s life by wearing many hats, which includes being the VISIONARY who strives to offer a better life than his own, a TOUR GUIDE in pointing the right direction, an ADVISER when decisions need to be made, an ACCOUNTANT to make sure that bills are paid so there’s a roof over the head, clothes on the back and food in the stomach, a HANDY-MAN to fix things when they are broken, a POLICEMAN to make sure that the golden rules to life are never broken, a DOCTOR who fixes boo-boos, a THERAPIST who lends an ear to heal a broken heart, a PHILOSOPHER who offers insight that everything happens in life for a reason, a SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR to assist in always keeping the faith, a TEACHER who helps educate on many topics, a FIREMAN who helps distinguish moments that become heated, a REFEREE who presides over situations from a neutral point of view, an OPHTHALMOLOGIST who helps you see better in understanding that weaknesses can become strengths, a PODIATRIST who helps in putting one’s best foot forward, a COMEDIAN who offers silliness so that life is never taken too seriously, a LIFE COACH who offers the awareness of life’s possibilities in accomplishing goals, wishes and dreams and a BEST FRIEND who will always be by your side in any situation, while offering unconditional love.  

So, to all the FATHERS, DADS and PAPAS of the world, I proudly wish you a wonderful day off from all the hats that you consistently wear on a daily basis so that you may be able to stop and reflect just how important you truly have been.  And to my own Dad, I say "THANKS", for without you I wouldn't be the person I am today, who's passionate in serving others through Life Coaching, while making the world a better place to live!

Coach Brian
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