Friday, July 26, 2013

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(April 2013 - Through Self-Determination I was able to over-come the fear of height and flight)

In a single lifetime, one will be faced with an easy recipe for failure, disappointment and self-destruction.  After all, the world sets us up on this illusion the moment we are born with the amount of times we hear the word "NO" throughout our childhood.  As we go through life, we are witness to much more through the newspapers, magazines, television, movies, smartphones, social media, the internet, our jobs, through our friends, co-workers and even family-members.  

With growth of technology at its highest peak than ever before and millions of tasks needed to be fulfilled on a daily basis, an even bigger mountain has now been put in front of us which our past relatives have never had to endure.  Those who are truly "Self-Determined" to be happy and successful in life, will come to understand not to hurdle over any huge obstacles alone.  They are smart to link arms with those who are of like-mind, in receiving help and guidance through each chapter of their life's story, yet truly aware to never let anyone else hold their pen!

Just when things seem to be at the lowest, "Self-Determined" individuals understand when it's best to stop, put their pens down and take a break, reflecting to where they have been.  By honoring their journey, they can see the milestones of how each step has played an intricate part and how much they have grown from the day, weeks, months and years before.  They also comprehend that life is not a destination to get to the finish line faster than anyone else, yet to be "proud" of each step they have chosen to climb however long it might have taken.  Even when they stumble and fall they recognize that life isn't perfect, yet perfectly-imperfect.  This realization not only offers the right leverage, but the "KEY" attitude to keep moving forward and looking up, while continuously connecting to others and asking for assistance along the way so a new chapter can be written!

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